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List of Gorilla families in Rwanda

List of Gorilla families in Rwanda

Gorilla Families in Rwanda

List of Gorilla families in Rwanda, Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done in the famous Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda has 10 habituated gorilla families. Undouble is that the captive adventure is only done in Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mghainga Gorilla National Park in Uganda as well the Virunga National Park in DR. Congo.

Similarity to other country’s gorilla trekking etiquette, in Rwanda only a group of 8 people is allowed to trek each habituated gorilla family. There 80 permits in Rwanda. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park hosts the highest numbers of gorillas from the great Virunga reserve. Every habituated families always they convey unique offer which can realized in their charisma, List of Gorilla families in Rwanda

Meanwhile, Rwanda is globally recognized as a luxury gorilla trekking destination. Due to her deluxe gorilla permit which double that of Uganda at USD1500 permit.

Before gorillas are set ready for trekking, they first undergo habituation process which lasts for not beyond two years until the wild gorillas are made familiar with human presence. Thus  Gorillas are huge mammals that tent to react by charging and attack in case of any threat. So to run from all such untamed conditions, the gorillas are set to be ready when they see human around.

Now, Rwanda has 10 fully habituated gorilla families that are ready to be trekked. Therefore below is the list of the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda’s Volcanos National Park.

 10 Gorilla families in Rwanda

Susa Family

The group name is from Susa River that flows in their home range, this is the most exciting habituated gorilla family in Rwanda. It was the first habituated gorilla family in Rwanda and was first of Diana Fossy’s habituation and she studied. Susa family is also the largest among all gorilla groups in Rwanda, currently the family has more than 30 members before it splinted it had 44 members. The family inhabits in the bases of mount Karisimbi which makes it the hardest for tracking but most preferred by trackers.

Sabinyo Family

The group is named after the Sabyinyo volcano which means “old man’s teeth”.  Additionally it is the easiest habituated gorilla group to trek as it is found to the loosest edge of Volcanoes National Park that range in the gentle slopes between Mt. Sabyinyo and Mt. Gahinga. Sabyinyo family came into existence after the dominant silverback died, 4 female splinted teaming up with 2 silverbacks to form Sabyinyo family. The group has the largest Silverback in Volcanoes NP known as Guhonda.

Karinsimbi Family

This gorilla family inhabits in the slopes of Karisimbi Mountain where it derives its name from, it has 16 family members with only one silverback. The family splinted from the Original Susa group, and sometimes called Susa-B. Because of it’s situated in slopes of mount Karisimbi it becomes the most difficult group to track because.  Tracking the Karisimbi gorilla family may sometimes be verboten because of its peak distant location of about 4507m altitude. The dominant silverback decided to take its family to far location to run away from trouble of other families.

Ugenda Family

Ugenda means “being on the move”. This gorilla family was named Ugenda because it was always moving from one place to another. The group’s wondering character makes tracking of this group sometimes difficulty noticeably. Ugenda group is situated in the Karisimbi but sometimes inhabits the slopes of Bisoke ranges Rwanda, List of Gorilla families in Rwanda

Kwitonda Family

This group’s name is derived from the lead Silverback known as Kwitonda meaning “humble one”. The group originally migrated from DRC and currently inhabits the areas of Muhavura Mountain a reason why it’s a moderately difficult group to track. Meanwhile, the group wonders in the lower slopes of Mt. Muhavura. Kwtonde family tallies one of the hugest numbers in the park with 23 individuals and 4 silverbacks.

Agasha Family (aka Group 13)

The group is formerly known as Group B but the name was changed. Agasha gorilla family was habituated with 13 individuals, then named the family group 13. But later the number increased and the group leadership was overtaken from Silverback Nyakarima by a Silverback Agasha. The name means “news” which is the current tag.

Bwengye Family

A group name was derived from the lead Silverback called Bwengye. The word Bwengye is a Kinyarwanda term meaning ‘Wisdom’. It is apparently the group that was featured in the movie “Gorillas in the Mist”. The group is mostly on the slopes of Karisoke Volcano between Karisimbi and Bisoke mountains. The group comprised of 11 members and one silverback and recently witnessed rough times when its 6 infants died, List of Gorilla families in Rwanda

Umubano Family

Umubano is a Kinyarwanda word meaning “neighborliness”. This family splinted from Amahoro gorilla family short after the dominant Silverback Ubumwe was challenged by Charles who is currently the leader of Umubano.

Hirwa Family

Hirwa means “lucky one”. The group was seen in 2006 when trackers witnessed its formation by the merging of some members from Group 13 (Agashya) and Sabyinyo. They were lucky other gorillas joined the group.

Amahoro Family

Amahoro means “Peaceful”. This is the most peaceful group in Volcanoes National Park.  Thus the group has lost several individuals to Ububano group.

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