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Kigali Rwanda’s Capital

Kigali Rwanda’s Capital

Kigali Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali city is the most recognized Rwanda’s town located within the heart of Rwanda. Where all the most attractive tourists’ activities found. It’s known as a business center port entry and an international airport. Just about 7 kilometers from the international airport.  Kigali city was named Kigali Rwanda’s Capital,  by a first German colonial resident of Rwanda in 1907 Dr. Richard Kandt after the 1962 independence.

Meanwhile, Kigali attracts many tourists and travelers to Rwanda and it’s known as one of the cleanest with friendliest people. And also known as a safest city not only in the east and central Africa but also in the whole world. It’s built on a hill and it can be viewed in a distance. More especially at night with stunning light around.

About Rwanda the land of thousand hills

Rwanda is generally a mountainous country and sometimes it’s referred to ‘’a land of a thousand hills’’. The city has favorable climate normally with a marked dry season. Thus that will truly make you feel away from home. Over one million people are said to live within the city making it the highest concentration of the country’s population. Kigali city is comprised of 3 districts including Gasabo, Nyarugenge and Kicukiro.

The genocide war

Kigali was affected much doing the Horrific war which happened in 1992 which was against the Hutu and Tutsis. The genocide war claimed over 1 million people for only about 90 days. Over 25000 people majorly the Tutsis and a few Hutu where killed in Kigali only any seek a asylum to the nearby countries.

A one genocide memorial site was built in Gisenyi; so many visitors can’t leave Kigali minus touring this site. However ounce you visits Kigali, you can’t even remember that it affected much. Most of the infrastructures which were destroyed were rebuilt and everything has come back to normal. Kigali city now is known as one of the most visited town in Africa.  Thus attracting a huge number of travelers whole over the world who came to have a glance about Kigali incredible attractions around.

Furthermore, other attractive places to visit within the city include the national museum, handicraft shops, market places, the Hero’s Cemetery at Amahoro National Stadium. Visit the pottery project of the Batwa, Coffee shops, bars and local and international restaurants ranging from Chinese,   Italian, North African, clubs Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo among many other interesting sites depends on the time available.

All parks  reached setting from Kigali Rwanda’s capital, Rwanda parks include Nyungwe forest national park.  Volcanoes national park  reached in 2 hours drive, Akagera National park this park reached in 4 ,